2023 Boys Lacrosse Registration is Now Open – Bowie, Maryland

2023 Bowie Boys Youth Lacrosse Registration is Now Open

Guess what time it is? It’s lacrosse time. We’re one of the few sports that will start in frigid temperatures and end in the blazing heat, but our players love every minute of it.

We are committed to helping your sons become their best, challenge themselves, and ultimately succeed on and off the field. We extend to our athletes the importance of teamwork, camaraderie, leadership, dedication, education, honesty, sportsmanship, and competition.

The coaching staff is focused on player fitness and safety, player development and improvement, and a team concept to playing the game (Lacrosse IQ).

Thank you for joining a long-standing tradition of lacrosse

Registration for the 2023 season is OPEN with a discount of $20 until 2/18/2023, then normal rates apply until March 1st when late registration fees go into effect adding $35.

This year (2022) we are returning to the fields with a shortened season, with 6 weeks of games. We are working hard to ensure all of our practices and games will observe safety guidelines to keep our players, coaches, and community safe.

Once registered, expect to receive weekly communications via our team app called BAND starting at the end of February. Practices will be 2-3 times per week beginning March 2023.
Game Schedule – Saturday games starting late March through May, ending with a championship weekend where we’ll play until we WIN IT ALL.
There will be no games the weekend of Spring Break/Easter Holiday on April 9th, 2022
The majority of games will be held in Bowie, Maryland with 2-3 travel games that may range from Southern Maryland up to Silver Spring.
Players are expected to be fully equipped and ready to play. Your player will need a lacrosse stick, lacrosse NOCSAE approved Helmet, lacrosse gloves, lacrosse shoulder pads, and lacrosse elbow pads. We are strongly encouraging all players to update their shoulder pads to comply with new safety requirements.

What if your son has never played lacrosse?

Youth recreational lacrosse is a valuable tool for developing athletes of all ages. The sport of lacrosse requires a unique combination of speed, agility, and hand-eye coordination, making it an excellent choice for young athletes looking to improve their overall athleticism.

One of the key benefits of youth recreational lacrosse is its emphasis on teamwork and sportsmanship. The sport requires players to work together in order to succeed, and this emphasis on teamwork can carry over into other areas of life, such as school and work. Additionally, the focus on sportsmanship and respect for opponents helps to build character and integrity in young athletes.

Another benefit of youth recreational lacrosse is its ability to improve cardiovascular fitness. The fast-paced nature of the game requires players to have endurance and stamina in order to keep up with the action. This can be especially beneficial for young athletes who may not be as physically active as they should be.

Youth recreational lacrosse also provides opportunities for young athletes to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. The sport requires players to use their hands to control the ball and make quick, precise movements, which can be challenging for young athletes. However, with practice and repetition, these skills can be developed, leading to improved coordination and overall athleticism.

Finally, youth recreational lacrosse is a great way for young athletes to stay active and healthy. The sport provides a fun and engaging way for young people to stay fit and healthy, which is important for their overall well-being.

Youth recreational lacrosse is a valuable tool for developing young athletes. It emphasizes teamwork, sportsmanship, cardiovascular fitness, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills, making it an excellent choice for young athletes looking to improve their overall athleticism and stay active and healthy. It can also be a great way to spend their free time and stay away from negative influences. Encourage your children to join youth recreational lacrosse and watch them grow into well-rounded and healthy individuals.

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